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XDCspec - @TargetHeader

This metaonly module generates a header



metaonly module «Mod» {


Interfaces and metaonly modules that want to generate a header file can use this attribute to specify a template. The output of evaluation of the template file «template» is then saved as that unit's header file «Mod».h.

The template is expanded as part of the "compilation" of module specifications. In addition, the following global variables are set:

an array of length 1, where $args[0] is the "specification object" for the module with the TargetHeader attribute. The specification object for a module is a xdc.services.spec.Unit that provides access to all the information provided by the module's specification. To get the module object itself, simply use xdc.module($args[0].getQualName()).

The template file is located using the same search algorithm as xdc.findFile(). So, templates can be located in other packages and will be found along the package path.

See also

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