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XDCscript - Proxy-Object.delegate$

Module that implements the proxy's interface



var Mod = xdc.module("«moduleName»");
var ProxyMod = Mod.«ProxyName».delegate$;


The delegate$ property of a proxy object is the module that implements the interface provided by the proxy. This property is typically used to enable configuration script to set the underlying implementation module's configuration parameters.


The following script disables the "entry" trace of the underlying implementation of the System.SupportProxy proxy.

/* get the System module's SystemSupport proxy's implementing module */
var System = xdc.module("xdc.runtime.System");
var SupportMod = System.SupportProxy.delegate$;
/* disable entry trace for this module */
var Diags = xdc.useModule("xdc.runtime.Diags");
SupportMod.common$.diags_ENTRY = Diags.ALWAYS_OFF;
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